In order to comprehensively create our aircraft, we test our projects on avant-garde simulation platforms by Laminar Research and Lockheed-Martin. We thoroughly test aircraft performance, aerodynamics, and reliably to ensure a safe and enhanced solution to traditional commercial aviation methods. Developing aircraft with the aircraft simulation community helps us refine our design. The overall knowledge and expertise provided by this community are second to none. Comprised of both retired and active aerospace, electrical, and mechanical engineers and talented pilots.

In 2016, Prepar3D a software developed by Lockheed-Martin released a case study conducted on STEM research project called the “UV-4 UAV”, designed by a team of students and teachers at a community college. The research developed by this group forms the basis for aeroG Aviation LLC. In late 2018, aeroG Aviation LLC released its second variation of the UV-4 UAV for Prepar3D. Developed for the new version 4.0 of the software it would be the first-time helicopters can test the ability of airborne auto-pilot systems. In 2019, we began work on a new project to be released for an upcoming version of Prepar3D. This new aircraft will give users the ability to achieve a transition between vertical and forward flight, in addition to many new features. The basis of this tested airframe will become the backbone to the aG-4 project upon its completion.
Aircraft simulation is crucial to everything we do here at aeroG Aviation. It is the basis for refining and initial testing of our designs.